Chrissy Teigen Wasn't Sure She Wanted Daughter Luna to 'Believe in Santa': 'We'll Figure It Out'

Chrissy Teigen is certainly festive around the holidays, but there’s one Christmas tradition that she isn’t sure she’ll pass on to her daughter.

via People:

While Teigen and husband John Legend were filming their holiday special A Legendary Christmas over Halloween time, their 2½-year-old daughter Luna Simone was “so confused” because she was expecting a bit of a different kind of seasonal celebration at the time.

“She did trick-or-treating at Universal Studios to celebrity trailers,” recalled the mother of two. “She had no idea what was happening. She still asks for Halloween. It was so weird. Honestly, [she was] probably very lucky to do that.”

The Cravings: Hungry for More cookbook author revealed that she and Legend, 39, are “establishing traditions” now that Luna is starting to get a firmer grasp on the meaning of the holiday.

“She’s just learning about Santa. I didn’t even know if I wanted her to believe in Santa. … I had no idea which way I wanted to go with it,” Teigen said. “John and I are just like, ‘I don’t know, we’ll figure it out when she asks, I guess.’ “

“It’s definitely a stressful time, but I think now that Thanksgiving is over we can really focus and hone in on Christmas and gift-giving and just being around family,” she explained.

The proud mom said she’s “excited to shop for” Luna and her baby brother Miles Theodore, 6 months, because she can’t wait to “see them get excited about something” — even though Miles’ idea of a good time is pretty simple these days.

“He’s excited about milk and that’s it,” Teigen joked, admitting “everything” her family does over the holiday season is “about photos.”

For now, the star is content watching others open their gifts instead of receiving ones of her own. In fact, the only thing she feels is really missing from her life is more time to take it all in.

“Thirty hours in a day would be good,” Teigen said.

How do you feel about parents opting to skip the whole ‘Santa is real’ narrative with their kids? Do you you think it would help if kids knew the truth sooner rather than later?

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