Chrissy Teigen Recalls 'Terrifying' Experience During First Time Taking John Legend to a Fancy Dinner |

Chrissy Teigen Recalls ‘Terrifying’ Experience During First Time Taking John Legend to a Fancy Dinner

Chrissy Teigen, David Chang and Joel Kim Booster dropped by The Hollywood Reporter‘s studio during the Sundance Film Festival, where they discussed their new food series, Chrissy and Dave Dine Out.

While chatting, Chrissy opened up about the first time she took husband John Legend to a “fancy” restaurant and how “terrifying” it was.

via THR:

“I took John [Legend] to Jean-Georges when I was 20 years old, and I remember the margarita that he ordered was $58,” she said. “I was just blown away when it came out. It came out on a little dish and had little salts and everything.” 

Though it was Teigen’s decision to take now-husband Legend to the New York City restaurant, she was concerned it would go awry. “My heart broke because I knew then that my card would probably decline,” she admitted. “I ended up going to the bank and getting cash because I was so, so scared that it would decline, so I ended up getting out like $800 cash. Our meal there was beautiful and wonderful, but the fear that went into having it … oh my God, I’ll never forget that feeling in my entire life. It was terrifying.”

With Chrissy and Dave Dine Out premiering on Jan. 24, the cast is thinking about what their next goals for the year are. For Teigen, her priority lies in balancing self-care while raising her four children. “I want to take care of myself so that I can wake up and not have regrets of missing out on something they did,” she said. “The physical time is something, but mentally it’s a lot. And I have a little girl that’s about to walk. I have a boy that’s just a mush that does nothing. I have another boy that’s so into sports and a girl that is just absolute perfection in a girl form. And to divide your time and your brain space for them is really difficult.” 

We’ve been there. Not with John Legend — but we’ve been there!

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