Chrisean Rock Mocks Summer Walker's 'F**Ked Up' BBL After Singer Told Her Not To Be Sensitive [Photos + Video] |

Chrisean Rock Mocks Summer Walker’s ‘F**Ked Up’ BBL After Singer Told Her Not To Be Sensitive [Photos + Video]

Chrisean Rock has fired back after Summer Walker did a not-so-flattering impression of her.

via: AceShowbiz

Chrisean wasn’t too happy with how Summer Walker responded to her warning. After the R&B star told her not to be too sensitive with her joke, the “Crazy in Love” star fired back at the singer by mocking her “f**ked up” BBL.

“You the same b***h reaching out talking bout hey do you need any help, I see how this new mommy s**t, don’t worry about it’ and then you the same b***t that join the hate train, the mockery, the joke of Rock,” the 23-year-old argued in a video. “Alright, but I ain’t making no mockery of you having three f**king kids, no man, and a f**ked up BBL.”

“Like my n***a, a lot of motherf**kers, y’all got no room to talk about, or mock people, joke on people for the fun of it. Check your life before you start f**king playing with other people, real s**t,” she continued. “And then y’all acting like I won’t beat the s**t outta anybody that cross my path. Like, stop playing with me my n***a. The f**k? Here go your clout, everybody clout chasing off me and that s**t evil as f**k.”

Chrisean and Summer’s back-and-forth began after the latter impersonated the femcee using an audio clip from Rock addressing her ex Blueface regarding her dating rumors with Lil Baby. Having caught backlash over the skit, Summer explained, “Please do not take my humor too serious… This generation doesn’t understand how to actually just laugh and move on.”

Summer once again defended her action after Chrisean addressed her video for the first time. “I really be forgetting I’m famous [as f**k]. [Two] million people make a TikTok or say the same joke everyone else said, but I do it [and] people [are] butt hurt,” the “Still Over It” artist penned on Instagram Story.

“Sensitive about a TikTok that was viral way before I did, but you ain’t have no sympathy when you be dragging b***hes across the ground and [dumping] h*es in sinks just for looking at you funny,” she added. “Let’s please tighten up. It was never that serious.”

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