Chris Brown Gets Stuck Mid-Air During Show, Had to Be Rescued via Ladder |

Chris Brown Gets Stuck Mid-Air During Show, Had to Be Rescued via Ladder

Chris Brown suffered a bit of a technical difficulty during his show on Wednesday.

via People:

The 35-year-old Grammy winner, who is currently on his 11:11 Tour, had a bit of a hiccup during his Newark, New Jersey stop on Wednesday, June 12. While performing at the Prudential Center, the entertainer became stuck midair due to a glitch in his suspension wires. 

In a fan video of the incident shared to TikTok, Brown is seen hanging upside down as he sings his 2019 hit “Under the Influence.”

Although the singer was meant to hover above the arena, he was also meant to come down — which took much longer than expected. 

“He was def trying to signal he was stuck,” TikTok user terriem89 captioned the clip. 

Despite the uncomfortable positioning, the R&B crooner continued singing into his microphone. In between his lyrics, Brown was seen looking off stage, presumably to a member of the crew, seeming irritated at the situation. 

With nothing able to be done at that particular moment, the “Superhero” singer decided to make the best of the situation and began dancing while suspended above the crowd, belting out his ballad. 

“Im so sorry but its like he just accepted he was stuck and started vibing a lil bit until Paw Patrol came to the rescue????,” one fan commented on the TikTok. 

“Imagine the chaos going on backstage tryna find the ladder,” another wrote, also adding a series of laughing emojis. 

In a follow-up video posted by the same TikTok user, terriem89 showed crew members carrying a large ladder on stage to help the singer balance himself as he unhooked the wires from his waist.

Once Brown was down, he still appeared to be annoyed with how the situation was handled as he made eye contact with additional crew positioned backstage. Still, he never missed a beat as he continued to sing and interact with his fans in the crowd. 

“This man was hanging for a long ass time before anyone realized he was stuck ?,” terriem89 captioned the video. 

Again, viewers flocked to the comment section to weigh in on the malfunction.

“He handled it SO professionally,” one person wrote. “Talk about knowing how to channel aggression lol. He put all that anger in them notes lol ??,” another said of his performance. 

One person assumed someone from the production team would be getting the boot because “You Know Dang Well I Was Not Hanging This Long In Rehearsal.”

At least he wasn’t injured.

@terriem89 Replying to @Bee he was def trying to signal he was stuck… #chrisbrown #prudentialcenter #nj #1111tour #fyp #fypage #foryou ? original sound – Terrie

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