Chris Brown Fires Back After Being Compared to Ben Simmons [Photo]

Alexa play “In My Feelings” because the internet has Chris Brown clapping back after being called “the R&B Ben Simmons.”

via: Complex

It looks like Chris Brown might not be the biggest Ben Simmons fan. That, or he just doesn’t like being insulted altogether.

Breezy appeared to take major issue with a tweet in which someone compared his career to that of the 76ers star.

“Chris Brown really the R&B Ben Simmons,” the fan tweeted. “no progression no decline….just the same ole ass musicians.”

Obviously the tweet made its way to Brown’s timeline, as evidenced by his torrid response.

“Y’all p*ssy ass n*ggas gone stop playing wit me like I ain’t better than any n*ggas u can possibly think of… BASKETBALL A TEAM sport n*gga,” Brown wrote in a since-deleted comment on the Instagram account. “You f*ck ass lil n*ggas better watch sport center because you’ll lose count watching my paper. Now go ask ya momma who ya real daddy is.”

Chris Brown is an unquestionable talent. But like the narrative of J. Cole being boring, it has become easy to claim that Brown lacks innovation. Brown has seemingly heard these comments over the years, forcing him to remind fans that he feels he is one of the best to ever do it.

Like Brown or J. Cole, narratives have formed about Ben Simmons, too. Due to Simmons’ trouble with shooting, fans have ignored the consistent improvement he’s made on both ends of the court. In fact, Simmons finished top five in Defensive Player of the Year voting last season despite getting hurt. Also, the 6’10” Simmons has proven that he can play almost every position on the court effectively. Maybe being compared to him isn’t so bad after all.

Ben Simmons is an All-Star, not sure why Chris Brown was so angry about this.

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