Chilli Defends 'Real' Love For Matthew Lawrence |

Chilli Defends ‘Real’ Love For Matthew Lawrence

He’s no scrub and this love is real.

via: AceShowbiz

Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas has claimed there’s “nothing fake” about her blossoming romance with Matthew Lawrence. The 52-year-old singer began dating the former “Boy Meets World” actor, 43, last year following his divorce from former “Dancing with the Stars” pro Cheryl Burke and Chilli has now defended the relationship as totally “real.”

“It’s real and there is nothing fake about it. I’m here with him because I wanna be and he wants to be. We’re just so happy, we really are,” She explained to New York Post column PageSix at the Variety’s Power of Women luncheon.

“I honestly didn’t think that I would experience what I’m experiencing now [in my relationship] and I was OK with that,” she added of her man. “He has changed everything, the way I look at relationships. It’s so different.”

Matthew previously opened up about how they got together, revealing they met at an event but only properly connected when they found themselves on the same flight. However, the chance meeting almost didn’t happen because they only ended up on the same plane after a snowstorm derailed Matthew’s travel plans.

During an appearance on Entertainment Tonight, he explained, “So we were at this thing. We were working. We just said hello in passing and probably nothing would’ve come of that, but there was this big snowstorm.”

“I had to be back for work, so I was getting them [the airline] to change my flights all around. The only flight I could get was a connecting flight through Atlanta. She lives in Atlanta. So, she was flying on that flight.”

“So, really it was the flight, talking and then afterwards saying, ‘Hey, let’s keep in contact.’ That’s really what made it, and it almost did not happen. I mean, literally, an hour before the flight took off they were like, ‘OK, we got you on this flight. You gotta go.’ So it was just like that kind of thing.”

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