Check Your Meat! Tyson Recalls Almost 70,000 Pounds Chicken Strips Because They Might Contain Metal

United States Department of Agriculture announced on Thursday that Tyson Foods, Inc. recalled 69,093 pounds of their frozen chicken strips.

Tyson believes that the meat may be contaminated with metal.

via Complex:

For those wondering which product specifically, it’s the buffalo and crispy style ready-to-eat variety, which were produced on November 30, 2018. That means that all recalled products should have a “best if used by” date of Nov. 30, 2019, along with the establishment number “P-7221” printed on the back.

These products were shipped all around the country, and to Washington and Michigan for “institutional use.

This unfortunate situation does not represent the sole recent headache for the company, as they asked customers to return 36,000 pounds of chicken nuggets back in January because they may have been contaminated with rubber.

The decision to recall this most recent chicken came after a pair of customers complained of “extraneous material” in their strips.

The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service slapped this recall with a “Class I” label, which means a high health risk and a “situation where there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death.”

So do not eat them.

The agency says that, if you have any potentially contaminated strips in your fridge or freezer at the moment, you should return them to the store you got them from or just throw them out.

The release also points out that “there have been no confirmed reports of adverse reactions due to consumption of these products. Anyone concerned about an injury or illness should contact a healthcare provider.”

If you or anyone you know still buys Tyson chicken — heed this warning!

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