Charlie Sheen to Get Full Custody of Kids if Ex-Wife Brooke Mueller Fails Drug Test After 2023 Relapse |

Charlie Sheen to Get Full Custody of Kids if Ex-Wife Brooke Mueller Fails Drug Test After 2023 Relapse

Charlie Sheen will reportedly get full custody of his twin sons, Bob and Max, in the event that his ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, ‘tests positive for drugs or alcohol.’

via: Page Six

The “Two and a Half Men” star was granted an emergency request Thursday that states he will “immediately” assume “sole legal custody” of his 14-year-old sons, Bob and Max, “in the event Brooke tests positive for drugs or alcohol.”

“Brooke shall test for drugs and alcohol (1) as often as required by her probation officer, (2) within 24 hours of a written request (email or text) from Charlie or his attorney, and (3) at a minimum of once per week regardless,” the order reads.

The documents state that Mueller’s “custody/visitation will be terminated immediately following any positive test,” and any “missed test will be considered a positive test.”

Mueller also will have to hand over the “names, addresses and telephone numbers for all her regular, historic sources of controlled substances” to Sheen’s attorney.

Sheen, 58, and Mueller, 46, previously agreed to the stipulations in formal documents in November 2022 and August 2023, but the actor was given permission to file an ex parte motion, which means it can be granted without his ex’s response.

Both Sheen and Mueller have battled addiction, but he recently celebrated six years of sobriety.

The “Anger Management” star did not specify in the documents why he chose to request the modifications Thursday.

However, the court papers reveal Sheen and Mueller signed the second August 2023 child custody modification just one month after she “relapsed and engaged in abusing alcohol and controlled substances.”

Mueller’s rep had no comment.

Sheen has not publicly addressed the filing, but he enforced the stipulations just one month after telling People that he considers himself a “single dad.”

“I’ve mostly been raising my 14-year-old boys,” he told the magazine on Dec. 11. “Their mom has been trying to figure some stuff out on her end, so she’s not in the picture too much right now.”

Shortly after, Page Six broke the news that Mueller was prioritizing a 12-step program to help her addiction.

“She really likes it,” a source told us at the time. “It seems to be working for her.”

Sheen and Mueller tied the knot in 2008, but he filed for divorce in 2010.

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