Charles Barkley Changes His Will After Affirmative Action Ruling

Charles Barkley is taking action against a recent Supreme Court ruling that put an end to race-conscious admission programs.

via: Daily Beast

The Supreme Court’s dismantling of affirmative action has prompted Charles Barkley to change his will to demand that the $5 million he is leaving to his alma mater, Auburn University, will be earmarked for Black students. “That’s just my way of trying to make sure Auburn stays diverse,” the NBA Hall of Famer said on Friday, according to “After that ruling yesterday, my phone was blowing up. I was talking to my friends and said, ‘I need to make sure Black folks always have a place at Auburn.’” Only 5 percent of students at Auburn are Black, compared to 27 percent of Alabama.

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court ruled that colleges and universities are no longer able to consider race as a factor when admitting students.

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