Chaka Khan Says She's Done with Touring: "I Got This Rich-Ass Life" |

Chaka Khan Says She’s Done with Touring: “I Got This Rich-Ass Life”

Chaka Khan has said that she is “done” with touring.

via: People

The Queen of Funk, 70, revealed in a new interview with Rolling Stone that she “will not do another tour” for the remainder of her career. While the music legend said that she doesn’t plan to retire from performing live — at least for the time being — she has had enough of traveling on a tour bus now that she has “this rich-ass life.”

“Some people, that’s all they have, you know?” Khan said of touring to the outlet. “I got this rich-ass life. I’ve got great-grandchildren I want to get to know better. So I will not do another tour.”

The R&B superstar continued, “I’ll do dates, but it won’t look like a tour. They’ll be far enough apart that I can have time to sleep in between.”

The “I’m Every Woman” singer also clarified why touring no longer suits her lifestyle. The star said, “Riding on a bus, pissing in a little bathroom, waking up in the morning and you’re five hours from your hotel where you can take a proper bath or shower and go to bed like a normal human being. And then you got a gig that night.”

“That’s friggin’ insane,” she added. “It was just insanity. It’s like being a truck driver and a performer. It’s lonely as all get-out.”

While the hitmaker (whose real name is Yvette Marie Stevens) may be retiring from playing shows over an extended period of time, she also discussed a potential full retirement from performing in the future. “Well, I might do that three or four times, like other bitches do,” she joked.

In 2023, Khan celebrated her 70th birthday and her 50th anniversary of being in the music industry with a handful of concerts. She’ll continue honoring the milestone next year — kicking off 2024 with a show in Los Angeles on Jan. 27, and then headlining a handful of festivals across the U.K. next summer.

It’s worth noting also in the interview Chaka said when asked if she would ever retire from performing:

“Well, I might do that three or four times, like other b**ches do.”

Never change Chaka.

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