Cashay Henderson Milwaukee's 3rd Black Trans Woman Killed in 9 Months, Person of Interest Arrested [Video]

Demands for justice are flooding social media in memory of Cashay Henderson. The Black transgender woman was shot and killed in Milwaukee on Sunday (Feb. 26) morning just before the apartment she was in was set on fire.

via: FOX6 Milwauke

LGBTQ+ leaders said they need more community support, adding that this type of murder only worsens the fear, anxiety and feelings of being targeted.

Those who knew Cashay Henderson, 31, said Monday their hearts are heavy again, knowing whoever did this is still out there.

A day after firefighters found her friend of 10 years dead inside her own apartment, Ladi Ananna could only question why.

“She was just a special girl, you know,” said Ananna. “Just, a beautiful heart.”

She said she saw Henderson early Sunday morning after bar close, only to learn she died hours later.

Firefighters found her with a gunshot wound while responding to a fire.

“She was in her place that’s supposed to be a safe haven for her, and it’s like, you can’t even be safe in your own home,” said Ananna. “It’s like, the gun violence is that bad in Milwaukee.”

Christopher Allen, president and CEO of Diverse & Resilient, said Henderson’s murder only adds to the anxiety and vulnerability felt in the LGBTQ+ community every day.

“That discrimination can create environments where they don’t feel welcome, they don’t feel supported,” said Allen.

Allen said Henderson took part in his organization’s programming, which helps LGBTQ+ people live equitably and safely. He said her death and those of Brazil Johnson and Regina “Mya” Allen, underscore the need for more support.

“It’s important that we’re affirming them and welcoming them to their spaces so that they can be safe and live their lives,” said Allen.

There’s hope that the worst can inspire something better.

“It’s amazing to me, you know, how short life can be,” said Ananna. “One minute you’re here, and the next, you’re not.”

Allen said Monday discussions for a community town hall discussion and a vigil for Henderson were in the works.

Milwaukee police say they’ve arrested a person of interest in the murder of Cashay Henderson. They aren’t identifying the 33-year-old man.

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