Cardi B Offers $10,000 Reward for Help Finding Man She Claims Robbed Her Cousin at Gunpoint [Video]

Cardi B has offered up a $10,000 reward for information leading to the person who allegedly robbed her cousin at gunpoint.

via NYDN:

In an Instagram story and video that she has since taken down, the 28-year-old rapper on Wednesday shared an image of the alleged suspect.

“Anybody knows this man from New York?” she wrote. “I’m looking for him…You tried it BUDDY!!! I’m giving TEN THOUSAND for any info on this man!”

After friends urged her to take that first post down, she complied. But then she came back with a more spelled-out version of events, according to hip-hop news site Support Online Hip Hop (SOHH).

“So I want to make this clear for the dumb people in the back,” the rapper said in a separate video after deleting the man’s photo, following the advice of some fellow rappers. “The reason why I posted a photo of that man is because I want information on that man because I feel like the cops is not moving fast enough.”

Her account is that the man’s car had been apparently broken down at the side of the highway and had flagged down her cousin for a ride. While the cousin, whom she did not name, was driving the man, he put a gun to her cousin’s head, then pointed it at his chest. Then, after robbing him, the man made her cousin drive around for a half hour, said Cardi B.

In a second video she emphasized that justice and holding the man to account was her aim, not retaliation. She was just trying to move things along.
“No, I’m not gonna get the guy f—ing beat up and killed and anything like that,” she said, comparing her attempts to out him to the identifications of Capitol rioters made by their friends and family members. “I’m not putting a bounty, just want some info and if I did this man put a gun on somebody’s head rob them, and kept them hostage!”

Watch Cardi explain herself below.

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