Cardi B Has Had JAY-Z & Drake-Level Impact On Female Hip Hop, Says Charlamagne Tha God [Video]

Charlamagne Tha God shares his opinion on how Cardi B is changing the rap game.

via: HipHopDX

The Breakfast Club co-host joined Big Loon’s It’s Up There Podcast, where he credited Cardi with spearheading the trend of established women rappers jumping on songs with emerging artists.

“Cardi shifted that in the culture,” Charlamagne said. “Cardi made it to where you the O.G., you the person who made all the money, sold all the records, but you have no problem putting your arm around that next person.

“Cardi did for female rap what JAY-Z and Drake did. Whatever that next thing was out, JAY-Z was jumping on it. Whether it was Juvenile’s ‘Ha,’ whether it was Houston, whether it was Rick Ross… DMX, JAY was jumping on it — 50 Cent.”

Charlamagne Tha God gave props to Drake for giving a similar boosts to the careers of up-and-coming artists. In the past, Drizzy has blessed Migos’ “Versace (Remix),” Fetty Wap’s “My Way” and BlocBoyJB’s “Look Alive,” to name just a few.

“Drake did the same thing,” the radio host continued. “Drake did it with lesser-known artists. What Drake did was make the record big. What Jay did with those co-signs was make the artist big.

“When Jay jumped on ‘Dope Boys Go Crazy (Remix)’ with Jeezy, people started looking at Jeezy different. You hear him on ‘Hustlin’ (Remix),’ you start looking at [Rick] Ross a little bit different. You saw him jumped on Juvenile ‘Ha,’ you think I gotta take this down south a little more serious.”

Charlamagne continued: “I think Cardi’s doing both. I think Cardi’s helping to make the artist big and helping to make the music big. Cardi don’t just do the verse. She do the video, she go Live with them, talk about this that muthafucka, tweet about em — that’s what you supposed to do.”

The timing of the conversation is fitting as Cardi B is about to dish out another assist. On the heels of hopping on Latto’s “Put It On Da Floor,” the Bronx bombshell is set to join forces with rising Chicago rapper Fendi Da Rappa on “Point Me 2,” which arrives on Friday (July 7).

Previously, Cardi has lent her star-making co-sign to the likes of GloRilla (“Tomorrow 2”) and Kay Flock (“Shake It”).

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