Cardi B Helps Push Bruno Mars '24K Magic' Album Back in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200

Bruno Mars’ 24K magic had fallen out of the Billboard Top 10, but thanks to “Finesse” — his hit collaboration with Cardi B — the album has returned back to the #4 position.

As noted by Billboard:

The remix is merged with the original version of “Finesse,” and contributes to the SEA and TEA units of the song’s parent album, as most remixes do.

Sales for 24K Magic were up 75 percent this week, totaling 37,000 units, which allowed for the album (which was released in 2016) to sit in the fourth place.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see it rebound even higher following Cardi & Bruno’s performance at the Grammys next month.

[via Complex]

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