Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Signed an Airtight Prenup 'In Her Favor' Before Getting Married

Sam Asghari filed for divorce from Britney Spears on Wednesday.

Thankfully for Britney, she and Sam signed a prenuptial agreement before they got married which leaves Sam with very little of Britney’s fortune.

via Page Six:

“Britney and Sam signed a prenup in her favor,” a source told Page Six days after the couple tied the knot in June 2022.

“Any money she made before the wedding is protected.”

Soon after the “Womanizer” singer, 41, and the model, 29, got engaged in September 2021, she had her attorney, Mathew Rosengart, hire a family lawyer to prepare the agreement.

Page Six confirmed Wednesday that she and Asghari had separated.

Meanwhile, fans of the pop star expressed concern about her multi-million dollar fortune.

“Britney girl, I hope that prenup is air tight,” tweeted one fan.

“I hope #BritneySpears got a prenuptial agreement before she married this young guy. Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking a prenup because any man I date I am immediately offer a prenup to, before marriage. I’m sure she was daft enough not to get one,” wrote another.

Sources told TMZ Wednesday that Asghari allegedly confronted Spears last week over rumors that she had cheated on him.

Though it’s unclear whether the claims were valid, it allegedly resulted in a massive argument between the pair.

As a result, the former personal trainer has reportedly already moved out of their shared home.

It’s being reported that Sam will get a decent-sized one-time payout when the divorce is finalized, but Sam is seeking to renegotiate the prenup and threatening to ‘release embarrassing information’ about Britney if he doesn’t get more money.

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