Bow Wow Announces He's Getting His Own Late Night Talk Show [Photo]

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Bow Wow took to Instagram to announce that he’s making major career moves.

The rapper/actor says he has his own late night talk show on the way!

He captioned the above photo:

First time people saw me was on Arsenio Hall show. So its only right i go back to where it started.first let me thank him by paving the way because i wouldn’t have did what I’m about to do. I been quietly working on a project that i felt was needed. When i hosted 106 i knew then i could do whatever (talent wise) but i did not own 106 i had little control and i gots to be the man because im a creator. So when i cant be creative well… But i learned so much to the point i will have my own late night show coming. I get to run my own show content etc… We will have the best producers and show runners in the game! Wont be like ANYTHING ON TV. Its going to be a show YOU HAVE TO WATCH. Music will play an important key to the show. I felt i HAD to do this. Theres no platform for hip hop artist no more. Where can they go to promote on tv other than revolt (they still growing) thats crazy 1 outlet?!! Music videos became less important. College kids and high school students have nothing at 10pm to really look forward to. Where my guest could be Kendrick lamar w j cole performing live. To having Michelle Obama on. I found my stride. I want to help the culture and this is my way of giving back to the game that made me! Get ready i’m going through set designs now. REMEMBER I NEVER WANTED TO BE THE BEST RAPPER, but the GREATEST MULTI ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIME FOR MY ERA. Ps.. I WANT MY FIRST GUEST TO BE NONE OTHER THAN LAKER LEGEND KOBE BRYANT! i want to kixk the show off w him. #shadmoss#BowcomingtolatenightTV #HISTORY#showwillbeINCREDIBLE#lasttodothisarsineohall #younglegend

Say what you want about Bow Wow as a rapper, but you can’t deny he’s managed a career in the entertainment industry for quite some time.

The questions is — will you be watching his show?

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