Boosie Celebrates After DNA Test Proves He Isn’t a Grandfather [Photos + Video] |

Boosie Celebrates After DNA Test Proves He Isn’t a Grandfather [Photos + Video]

By now, everyone should know that Boosie is far from shy. The Louisiana rapper is known for using his Instagram to share his explicit thoughts and talk about whatever he deems necessary.

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Boosie posted a video on Instagram showing himself screaming in his car because his 18-year-old son Tootie Raww, was supposedly cleared by a DNA test as not being the father to a baby that a girl allegedly claimed was his. In addition to the video, the rapper also posted a few receipts including photos of the baby, the birth certificate, the alleged real father, and more.

The Instagram post captioned, “the things these women do these days is CRAZY [exclamation point emojis] My son has had the most stressful year of his life because of this situation [exclamation point emojis] ok yall wanna do this too my son bet [check mark emoji] n the moma of the daughter the worst Last pic is real mother n father [fire emoji].”

In another Instagram post, Boosie then elaborated that the alleged baby’s mother never gave birth, but she rather just allegedly presented a family member’s child as her own.

“She knew the whole time that baby ain’t come out of her [exclamation point emojis] I don’t blame her she a child. I blame the grandmother who brung this child n introduced her to our family as his baby at the graduation SAD what people do,” the Instagram caption read.

Boosie is currently trending all over Twitter as people react to the recent news. Here are a few of the hilarious reactions below:

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