Boosie Badazz On Why He Doesn’t Want His Son Wearing Ski Masks |

Boosie Badazz On Why He Doesn’t Want His Son Wearing Ski Masks

Boosie Badazz is scolding his oldest child for constantly wearing a ski mask, or a “Pooh Shiesty” as it’s known in the streets.

via: Complex

The 41-year-old shared a video of himself talking to his son about the fashion trend and tried telling him that the mask is a safety issue. According to Boosie, the masks are generally associated with violence and can easily have someone or something react a certain way.

“Why don’t you take that Pooh Shiesty mask off,” Boosie said in the video. “You done had it on about two days. You out here in the mountains, a bear going to think you something else, bear going to bite your fucking finger off.”

He continued after his son told him he’s wearing a Nike ski mask, “Man I don’t give a fuck, it’s called a Pooh Shiesty man, it ain’t no Nike man….I don’t be on your trail. I’m trying to better you, bro. What if you jump out the car with somebody with that on? ‘Cause every time somebody walk by me with that on I be watching them, bro.”

Boosie added that he’s not used to people wearing balaclavas as a fashion item because he’s seen them worn by people using them to conceal their identity while committing crimes. He also said it won’t be anything he’ll get used to while telling his son he won’t be wearing one anymore.

“That’s never going to be a fashion [trend] to me, bro,” Boosie said. “It’s dangerous, I don’t want my son wearing Pooh Shiestys. Real shit bro…I don’t want nothing to happen to you.”

Balaclava got the name Pooh Shiesty mask thanks to the rapper of the same name who regularly wore them during performances and music videos. When Shiesty was sent to prison back in April 2022, people wasted no time wearing the masks.

Philadelphia City Council actually passed a bill banning balaclavas in city-owned buildings, public parks, schools, and on public transit in a 13-2 vote. The bill is an effort to cut down on crime in the city, the council said.

Anyone caught wearing a ski mask in one of the listed public spaces will be fined $250 or up top $2,000 if they wore it while committing a crime.

“The City of Philadelphia has been under siege with individuals who use ski masks to commit crimes. It’s caught onto not just young people, but young adults who have made this a particular thing to do,” said council member Anthony Phillips. “The Philadelphia Police Department can’t tell who’s a criminal and not a criminal, which makes it difficult for crimes to be solved in Philadelphia.”

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