Bobby Shmurda Would Take a Verse From Pop Smoke Over Jay-Z [Photos + Video]

Brooklyn, New York, has a special place in the hearts of Hip Hop fanatics. The borough has bred so many different rappers over Hip Hop’s near 50-year history, and the trend continues to this day. Before his untimely passing in 2020, Pop Smoke was poised to be the next one to lead the charge for Brooklyn in a way that hadn’t been seen since JAY-Z did it 20-plus years ago.

via: Rap-Up

While speaking with DJ Akademiks, the Brooklyn rapper was asked if he would rather have a verse from Pop Smoke or JAY-Z. Akademiks explained that the Pop Smoke song would be a “smash” and that the “whole New York City gonna love it” before suggesting the flip, a song with the GOAT himself, Hov.

Shmurda didn’t hesitate at all when choosing Pop Smoke. He even started imitating what the late rapper would sound like on their song.

“That’s my little n**a. I like it. I love JAY too, but I like it,” he said to a shocked Akademiks.

His response sparked a debate on social media. Some agreed that Bobby’s drill sound would mesh better with Pop Smoke, while others found it surprising that he would go with Pop over a legend like JAY-Z.

Upon his release from prison last year, Shmurda signed a management deal with Roc Nation. However, it appears that he is no longer in business with JAY-Z’s company.

Shmurda also recently parted ways with Epic Records after campaigning for his release from the label. He claimed that he made a million dollars upon signing his release papers. On Friday, he is set to drop his first independent single “They Don’t Know.”

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