Bobby Brown Claims He Never Abused Whitney Houston, Despite Public Record

Bobby Brown got involved with The Bobby Brown Show, the sequel to BET’s The New Edition Story, because he wants his story to be told correctly.

Specifically, he wants the world to know that he’s more than the “bad boy” reputation he’s earned over the years.

At a Television Critics Association press tour panel on Friday, Bobby attempted to clear up several longstanding, documented facts regarding domestic-violence incidents between himself and his late ex-wife Whitney Houston.

via Vulture:

After saying that he doesn’t have regrets in his life, though he does “feel bad” about some of the choices he’s made, Brown was asked by a reporter at the TCA panel if that belief extends to the incidents of domestic violence witnessed by his late daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

“There was no violent incidents between me and Whitney so, no,” Brown replied curtly. The reporter pressed on, adding that Houston called 911 to report that Brown physically hurt her.

“No, there wasn’t,” Brown said angrily, referring to the 911 call. “You’re mistaken. You’re completely wrong.” Brown then cut off the reporter and asked for “the last question.”

When a different reporter read from an ABC News story that contains the audio of Houston’s 911 call and pointed out that it’s in the public record, Brown replied, “The public record is wrong.”

A BET rep promptly ended the session, then canceled the five-minute press scrum with Brown and the Bobby Brown Story actors that was scheduled to take place on stage.

Do you believe Bobby or the documented history?

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