Black Twitter Roasted Kevin Durant’s Ashy Body & KD Clapped Back, ‘F*ck Y’all’ [Photos + Video]

Kevin Durant wasn’t here for all of the jokes made at his expense over his ashy ankles seen during Monday night’s Brooklyn Nets game.

via: Hot97

The NBA star went viral today (November 23) after a picture of him from yesterday’s (November 22) game circulated on the Internet. It kept making rounds all over social because fans noticed Kevin’s ashy body.

Isaiah Thomas pointed it out online. He said,

“No way KD can be that Ashy!!!!!!!! No way lol. OMG.”

Black Twitter roasted KD. Take a look:

Kevin responded to the memes! As reported on Hot New Hip Hop, KD jokingly said he’s about to call everyone “broke” in a second. Take a look:

We may be broke compared to KD, but we are moisturized.

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