'Black Lives Matter' Activist Charles Wade Charged with Multiple Counts of Felony Human Trafficking and Prostitution [Documents]

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Charles Wade, an activist most popularly associated with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement (Operation Help or Hush), has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of felony prostitution and human trafficking.

According to records from the District Court of Maryland, Charles was arrested in April after allegedly ‘pimping’ a 17-year-old girl to an undercover officer.


Here’s the statement from the officer who made the arrest. In it, he details his account of responding to an ad on Backpage.com, a ‘classifieds’ website where escorts and prostitutes sometimes advertise their services.

According to the officer’s statement, he responded to the ad and exchanged information with a woman who led him to room 412 at the Wyndham Park hotel. Once in the room, they began to discuss her ‘services’ and he eventually revealed himself to be an officer of the law — and she ran.

As she attempted to flee, officers on the arrest squad spotted Charles watching the situation unfold in the hallway and eventually were able to connect him to the room. The 17-year-old told officers that Charles was her ‘manager’ and that after she went on ‘dates’ she would give him all the money.

There are quite a few more interesting details in his report. Check it out below:



Charles Wade is facing multiple charges of human trafficking and prostitution.


After his felonious activities went public, Charles took to Twitter to account for his actions and says it’s all big one misunderstanding. Charles insists that he was simply trying to help a young lady in need of temporary housing.

Peep his statement below:




All that’s fine and dandy, but does that also explain the arrest for grand theft in Florida from January of this year? Nope.

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We believe in being ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ but when it comes to Mr. Wade there seems to be a LOT of smoke for someone always trying to convince the world there’s never any fire.


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