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‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ryan Henry Accused Of Threatening To Kill Best Friend Over The Latter’s Baby Mama

The Ryan Henry and former best friend Anthony Lindsey’s fallout has just taken an ugly turn. A couple weeks ago Anthony revealed that the two are no longer friends because the reality TV star had sex with his baby mama, Nina, and it appears Ryan was so offended by the claims he allegedly threatened to kill Anthony.

via: AceShowbiz

Anthony made the accusation on Sunday, October 11. Revealing that he found out about it via text messages, he said, “It took so much of a toll I ended up dosing last week. Do I want to kill myself no, the overwhelming pain and me being distraught led me down a path I had never faced.”

Anthony was not the only one affected by it, as he revealed in his Instagram post that his son had also been “affected immensely.” He added, “He did this to me while I fought cancer. I’m broken, hurt, confused and so many other things. It’s been a week and she’s tired of talking about it lol. I can’t believe either gives a f**k about me.” Taking a jab at Ryan for posting about mental health awareness, Anthony said, “Ryan made the mental health posted but destroyed mine.”

In the caption of the post, Anthony claimed Ryan threatened to kill him. “This N***a threatens to kill me over f**king my sons mother, because I told Rachel! He thinks I want sympathy for the internet,” he wrote. “Nah N***a people need to know the truth. I can’t tag Nina. She blocked me lol.”

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You hate to see it, hopefully these two kings can come together and squash the beef.

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