Black Flight Attendant Goes Viral After Keeping It 100, ‘Y’all Know This Is Spirit, We Will Charge You’ [Video]

Discount airlines can provide an affordable way for travelers to get to their destinations for a low price, but with so many additional fees on features (carrying on a bag, choosing a seat ahead of the flight), it can end up making the trip just as expensive as pricier airlines.

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This week, a Black flight attendant employed with Spirit Airlines went viral on TikTok after she was caught on camera keeping it a buck about her employer, the Florida-based airline known for its notorious policies of nickel and diming customers by luring them in with rock-bottom airfare.

In the viral video, which was posted in mid-March, the unidentified Spirit employee informed passengers on board a flight from Dallas, Texas, to Los Angeles, that they would be charged for every single thing they’d need during their journey, including blankets and earplugs.

“No, we do not have sockets for you to plug up your phones, because if we did, we will charge you,” the hilarious flight attendant said as passengers chuckled.

“No, we do not have blankets for you, because if we did, this is Spirit, and we will charge you,” the Spirit employee continued, before she joked about the airline’s janky chairs. “No, your seats do not recline. If they did, again, this is Spirit, and we will charge you.”

Then, the unbothered crew member quipped, “And no, we do not have earplugs for you because if we did, y’all know this is Spirit, and we will do what?”

“Charge you!” a passenger responded.

Towards the end of her funny rant, the Spirit employee told travelers that she wished she could provide them with what they needed to make their flight comfortable, but due to company policy, she couldn’t. The flight attendant finished up her schpiel by telling passengers that the airline would only accept Apple or Google Pay, not cash.

“One way or another we just want you to pay,” she joked.

On TikTok, users applauded the Spirit employee for her hilarious honesty.

“Protect this woman,” wrote one user.

“She needs a promotion immediately,” said another.

A third TikTok user joked, “This is quiet quitting, lol.”

Travelers usually opt to fly with Spirit due to their cheap prices for airfare. However, by the time passengers pay for bags, assigned seats, snacks and other “amenities,” they easily rack up a triple-digit bill. Basic fares usually include one personal item, like a laptop bag or purse. But it has to be smaller than 18?x14?x8?, the airline’s website states.

If you need to travel with bigger luggage and multiple bags, expect to pay anywhere between $26 to $65. These numbers can fluctuate depending on whether you book online or at the airport, according to NerdWallet.

If seating isn’t a big deal, you can opt to have Spirit assign your seating arrangements for you, but if you have special accommodations, you might have to cough up anywhere between $1 to $250 for seating.

Need to cancel your travel plans? Spirit will make you pay for that, too. The low-budget airline charges customers $90 to cancel their reservation online and $100 to cancel over the phone. But there are a few tricks to get around the company’s dusty policies.

Listen to what this flight attendant had to say below in the viral video. gotta love the honesty. this shit is comedy!!! #spirit #spiritairlines #comedy #dfw #dfwairport #lol ? original sound – Erick

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