Bill Cosby's Publicist Backtracks & Says His Upcoming Town Hall Meetings Are NOT About Sexual Assault, But the Restoration of His Legacy [Video]

Bill Cosby’s publicist is attempting to calm some of the negative feedback after it was announced that Bill is planning to embark on town hall meetings to warn men about the dangers of sexual assault allegations.

On this morning’s CNN New Day Weekend, publicist Ebonee Benson told New Day co-host Christi Paul, “The town hall meetings are not about sexual assault. I will repeat. These town hall meetings are not about sexual assault.”

“When we initially talked about the town hall meetings,” Ebonee said, “it was about restoration of legacy, much to what Mrs. Cosby spoke on in her statement is the sensationalism brought on by the media. This is another example of that. To take something meant to talk about the restoration of this man’s legacy that was destroyed by the media before he even had a chance to step into the courtroom. That’s what this is about.”

Sorry Ebonee, you can’t blame the media for this one. She and fellow Team Cosby publicist Andrew Wyatt were the first (and only) people to mention sexual assault in relation to the town hall meetings.

New Day then ran the interview from earlier in the week in which Cosby publicist Andrew Wyatt said:

“This is bigger than Bill Cosby. You know, this issue can affect any young person, especially young athletes of today. And they need to know what they’re facing when they are hanging out and partying, when they are doing certain things that they shouldn’t be doing. And it also affects, you know, married men.”

Ebonee followed that up with:

“Laws are changing. Laws are changing. The statute of limitations for victims of sexual assault are being extended. So, this why people need to be educated on a brush against the shoulder. You know, anything at this point could be considered sexual assault. It’s very — it’s a good thing to be educated about the law.”

The media didn’t twist a thing — that’s what they said.

You can watch the clip below to see Ebonee and Andrew’s comments (both initial and the attempted backtrack) below.

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