Big Daddy Kane To Star Opposite Terri J. Vaughn In ‘Daddy’s House’ Sitcom

Rapper Big Daddy Kane is preparing to showing fans that he’s more than just music.

via: Vibe

The new sitcom titled Daddy’s House, which is currently in production. The show will cast Big Daddy Kane in its starring role and will also include contributions from fellow rap icon Eric B. .

According to AllHipHop, Kane will play a divorced radio personality from New York City who launches a successful restaurant in Atlanta after migrating down south for a new lease on life. However, just when it appears as if Kane’s character has laid a solid foundation for his new life as a bachelor, the impromptu arrival of his two teenage daughters upends his life. The show is currently preparing to film its pilot episode.

Daddy’s House will be directed by veteran actress and showrunner Terri J. Vaughn, who stars opposite Kane as his ex-wife. Vaughn is known for her roles on The Steve Harvey Show, Daddy’s Little Girls, Three Can Play That Game, and Greenleaf.

Kane’s role in Daddy’s House will add to the Brooklnite’s acting resume, which began in 1993 with his appearance in the western Posse and cult-classic action film The Meteor Man. The Smooth Operator has also graced the small screen on several occasions, including an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit back in 2018.

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