Beyoncé Sued by Two Fans Claiming They Got Trampled Before Mrs. Carter Show |

Beyoncé Sued by Two Fans Claiming They Got Trampled Before Mrs. Carter Show


Beyoncé, Live Nation, and the Uniter Center are being sued by two women who claim they got trampled while trying to get their general admission spots for The Mrs. Carter Show in Chicago.

Instead of getting up-close-and-personal for the concert, they ended up getting up-close-and-personal with the ground after they were trampled by a “rushing mob,” which knocked them both unconscious and left them with broken bones and other injuries.

Raquel Castellanos and Gabriella Davidson, both “long-time fans of Beyonce,” filed the suit against The United Center, Live Nation Entertainment and Beyonce. Castellanos and Davidson allege that each contributed to the formation of a large, raucous and confused crowd that gathered outside the United Center before Beyonce’s performance.

Prior to the concert on Dec. 13, 2013, the two women bought general admission tickets, which would allow them to stand in the area immediately in front of the stage. To ensure they had as close a view as possible, the two arrived at The United Center several hours before gates opened to concertgoers, the suit stated.

Hours before the concert, general admission ticket holders and early admission ticket holders assembled in two gated areas near the area closest to the southeast corner of The United Center, the suit stated.

“As the hours passed, the group became larger, more dense and more anxious about how, when and where the gate(s) would be released and where ticket holders and fans were supposed to enter The United Center — none of which was explained,” the suit stated.

Castellanos and Davidson became concerned as the crowd grew and were “increasingly anxious” about how to react to a crowd rush since they were near the front, the suit stated.

Around 7 p.m., personnel at The United Center opened the penned area’s gates “without instruction or any reasonable system to permit and orderly entrance,” the suit stated.

The women allege that The United Center, Live Nation and Beyonce did nothing to prevent or discourage the teeming crowd from rushing, pushing and running towards The United Center once the gate was opened.

“To the contrary, The United Center encouraged it by the set up which it created and controlled,” the suit stated.

After the two were trampled, Castellanos and Davidson were helped by two other women whom they believe to be fellow concertgoers. Eventually, two Chicago police officers also aided Castellanos and Davidson and they were taken to a hospital by the Chicago Fire Department.

Ouch. All circumstances aside, reading that someone got trampled is never a good thing.

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