Beyoncé Puts the 'RENAISSANCE' Visuals Questions to Bed [Video]

Mrs. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter has a message for those continuously asking her to release the RENAISSANCE album visuals.

via: EW

If you’ve been wondering where the Renaissance visuals have been — the music videos she teased months ago for an album that came out literally almost a year ago — join the club.

Mrs. Carter acknowledged the hold-up (they don’t love you like I love you) with a video and audio presentation of peerless shade.

“I know you hear me,” splashed across a giant screen as the very sassy emcee read it aloud. “You’ve asked for the visuals. You’ve called for the queen. But a queen moves at her own pace. Bitch.”

The shade continued with the disembodied voice alerting the concertgoers that Queen Bey had decided to give them a little “taste” of what she has in store. “So get your fork and your spoon if you got one,” it advised, before presumably slapping everyone in attendance for daring to question the woman who gave us Beychella.

Usually, this level of disrespect from an international pop diva-best-believa… is honestly appreciated. They’ve given us enough. But still!

Please! Dammit. Life’s hard!

Yet, there is some light at the end of this blindingly shady tunnel. The queen posted a video of her opening night in Stockholm and those visuals are stunning. No notes. Well, one note. There’s no sound. Which feels like a troll, though nothing trolled as hard as this. That burn is still fresh.

Welcome, indeed. Now sit down, shut up, get back up, and drop it like it’s hot. Summer’s almost here.

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