Beverly Johnson on Bill Cosby's Newly Released 2005 Admission: 'Frankly, I Wasn't Surprised at All' [Video]


Iconic black fashion model Beverly Johnson made headlines in December 2014 when she revealed in an essay for Vanity Fair that Bill Cosby drugged her in 1986.

On Monday, the Associated Press released documents from 2005 in which Bill admitted to obtaining drugs to give to women he intended to rape.

Following the release of these court records, Beverly appeared on TODAY Wednesday to speak on the fallout from Bill’s newly released 2005 deposition.

“Frankly, I wasn’t surprised at all. I knew that after 49 women have come forward and told their story – a story that was similar to mine – that eventually it was going to come to light. So, I wasn’t surprised; I’m just very happy for the victims, that they have some sense of peace and validation.”

She later added that Bill’s admission in no way provides her vindication.

“I don’t really have feelings like that. For me, it’s about women using their voice. We are expected as women to be voiceless, and it was an opportunity for me to use my voice.”

Beverly also recalled the night she was drugged by Bill.

Watch her appearance on TODAY below.

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