Azealia Banks Asks Elon Musk Not To 'F**k This Up For Me' After Returning To Twitter [Photos]

Azealia Banks recently shared a screenshot of her new Twitter account after she was able to return to the platform following Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter at $54.20 per share in cash, totaling a cool $44 billion.

via: AceShowbiz

Sharing her excitement, Azealia shared on Instagram a screenshot of her new Twitter account. “Oh girlssssssssss lmao we are in this b***h,” he wrote in the caption of the Tuesday, April 26 post.

On her Instagram Story, the female rap star thanked Elon for buying Twitter. “I actually *have* to thank Elon for buying twitter, I actually got back on,” she wrote.

She also lamented how the suspension greatly affected her income. “The amount of money I lost by being banned from twitter and not having access to the fan/consumer base I worked SO HARD TO BUILD SERIOUSLY MADE EVERYTHING SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT,” so she claimed.

In another post, the 30-year-old asked Elon not to “f**k this up for me.” She shared, “I NEED THIS TO RELEASE FANTASEA TWO. I am begging you…,” before warning the new Twitter owner, “no more provoking the SEC, no more playing on your investors’ time, PLEASE LEAVE BILL GATES ALONE BEFORE HE OPENS A JAR OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED MOSQUITOES ON YA A**. Please don’t challenge Putin to a fist fight on twitter. The wrong DA could just bring state charges on you whether or not Putin decided to sue the socks off your feet for threatening him. And he’d win too! A stupid tweet to one of the most ruthless men in the world could have literally cost your entire fortune. You cannot be publicly threatening world leaders!!!!!!!!”

The “Anna Wintour” femcee then called out Twitter’s co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey over her suspension. “I still think Jack Dorsey was racist AF for that. He knew it would affect my value as an artist because if I don’t have access to these channels to promote new music/new merch/concerts etc…. He could effectively stop my bag which is minuscule as f**k compared to his,” she fumed.

Azealia then shared a screenshot of an article in which Jack Dorsey is quoted as saying, “Elon Musk is the ‘singular solution I trust’ to run Twitter.” She further criticized Jack, “Can we ask Jack Dorsey or twitter Inc. how much revenue they recieved from circulating that George Floyd video via new subscriptions/data stats etc?? Can we also know how much of that money they gave to Floyd’s family. I hope you all know that Black Lives Matter has been hijacked by big tech and everytime you donate, the money goes to this behind the scences coalition called ACT BLUE which basically lines DNC politician with money for campaigning etc. never donated a single or substantial dollar to any black people,smh.”

Azealia had a tumultuous experience with Twitter before. In 2016, she was suspended from the platform after hurling homophobic and racially charged slurs at Zayn Malik. She later set up a new account, which she used to tweet her disdain for RuPaul and “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, before the account disappeared. In 2020, her other account was shut down after she penned a series of transphobic tweets.

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