Aubrey O'Day Thanks Diddy's Former Bodyguard For Speaking The Truth [Photos + Video] |

Aubrey O’Day Thanks Diddy’s Former Bodyguard For Speaking The Truth [Photos + Video]

Former Diddy protégé Aubrey O’Day has continued to speak out against the Bad Boy records producer.

via: AceShowbiz

O’Day has thanked Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’ former bodyguard for speaking the truth. Joining forces to expose the rapper, the former Danity Kane member has responded to Gene Deal’s claims that Diddy had different plans for the girl group.

“Thanks Gene .. for being one of the few men to stand up for abused women!” the 39-year-old singer wrote on X, formerly Twitter, along with a clip of Gene’s interview on Sunday, November 26. “You were there, and you saw a lot of what was happening to us behind the scenes.”

In the said interview, Gene, who used to work with Diddy, claimed he once heard the hip-hop mogul talk to his friends about his plans to “drug” the Danity Kane members out and “pimp them out to his n***a.”

Backing the claims, Aubrey continued writing over the same video, “you all thought we were here to be a DOUBLE PLATINUM SELLING GIRL GROUP.. but really diddy had us here to steal the 60+ million we made off of OUR TALENT & albums, and then wanted to drug and traffic us off to his accomplices.”

On Saturday, Aubrey insinuated she was unfairly fired by the Bad Boy Records founder. “I got fired 4 being ‘promiscuous’ on national TV. Not only false, but y’all know now that man loves promiscuity. So why did I really get fired? Y’all already know. And as talented as I was, the only job opportunity I was offered after was the cover of Playboy. ALL part of grooming,” she wrote.

In another post, Aubrey claimed that there are more of Diddy’s victims who were not able to speak up. “Not everyone that was assaulted, abused, or harassed was able to make that deadline safely with proper protections in place. Or has even begun to come forward. Straight up, if you think this s**t being silenced for years only happened once or twice, you are sadly mistaken,” she said.

Previously, Aubrey accused Diddy of profiting so much from her group. “16 + years of our loyal fans.. I ask you to respectfully consider this,” she wrote on Instagram Stories earlier this month. “ALL of your coins spent on us directly supported/support Diddy and everything he just did. Not a dig. Just a fact you should be aware of next time you think to stream of buy your fav’s music.”

She went on to say, “If you want to help the systemic problem we CLEARLY were just whiplashed with. Look into/ or ask you fav artist’s what money actually feeds them so you can help them stay healthy and not fall victim to being dependent on any executive.”

Danity, who supported Cassie for suing Diddy, has also expressed her disappointment in the quick settlement. She later clarified that she wasn’t attacking the 37-year-old singer. “I WAS TALKING ABOUT DIDDY NOT CASSIE. she told her story, she was brave. the person needed to hold themself accountable was PUFF, NOT HER. Justice is a word that means nothing to those that can afford it’s grasp,” she penned on X.

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