Aubrey O'Day Says Donald Trump Jr. Was 'Very Comfortable' at 'Gay Club' Where They First Hooked Up

Aubrey O’Day revealed astonishing details about her affair with Donald Trump Jr on Michael Cohen’s podcast this week.

via: Radar Online

O’Day, a former contestant on Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, said she was surprised by the evolution of Trump Jr.’s extreme political views since she claimed they had sex for the first time at a “gay club” in 2011.

O’Day and Trump Jr. were believed to be involved in a year-long affair after she appeared on his father’s reality show. At the time, Trump Jr. was married to his first wife, Vanessa.

Ironically, O’Day dished about the alleged affair on Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen’s podcast, Mea Culpa. The former Danity Kane member told Cohen that Trump Jr. was “super comfortable” in the “gay club” where they met.

The conversation was brought up during a discussion of Trump Jr.’s anti-LGBTQ views.

“Man you were super comfortable in that gay club,” O’Day said of Trump Jr. “In fact, so comfortable that we ended up going to the bathroom and, for the first time, had sex in a gay club bathroom.”

O’Day doubled down on her position that the former first son had drastically changed his views when she told Cohen there was “no way” she “could have loved somebody” that resembled the person Trump Jr. was today.

“You know what a bleeding-heart liberal I am, and you know how I’m a social justice warrior since I was born and raised by one,” O’Day told Cohen. “There is no way that I could have ever loved somebody like what we see today.”

“So, that goes to show you how much transformation or potential posturing the man is doing or has done since the man that I would call my soulmate — I also don’t discredit that word,” O’Day continued, as she noted, “If he were able to tell the truth, he would, since he called me his soulmate first.”

O’Day also shared that people behind the scenes on The Apprentice thought Trump’s son was “an idiot” who was “replaceable” despite his desperation to please his father.

The reality star also claimed that Trump Jr. wanted to come to the gay club, where she was attending an event.

“Everybody was in a g-string or less… [he was] very comfortable,” O’Day said on Trump Jr. attending the event.

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