Asian Doll Accuses Kash Doll Of Stealing Her Flow: "This [Is] Literally Not Cool" |

Asian Doll Accuses Kash Doll Of Stealing Her Flow: “This [Is] Literally Not Cool”

Asian Doll has co-signed accusations aimed at Kash Doll in regards to “stealing” Asian’s flow on a recent track.

via: Rap-Up

Last Thursday (Jan. 4), the Detroit native put out “Power,” which sampled Kanye West’s 2010 hit track of the same name. It has amassed over 176,000 views on YouTube since then. While fans praised the artist’s flow, some thought it resembled Asian Doll’s “Talk My S**t.” The aforementioned record debuted in November 2023 and uses a similar cadence.

The “Nunnadet S**t” hitmaker caught wind of the comparisons and reacted on social media via a since-deleted tweet today (Jan. 7). It read, “This [is] literally not cool, and I [for sure] feel a way. LITERALLY MY WHOLE FLOW.”

Asian Doll continued the conversation on Twitter by resharing posts from the debate and even responding to a detractor. One person explained, “[This was] when I was with [Kash Doll] two days before Thanksgiving 2023! This song was ALREADY RECORDED MONTHS BEFORE IT WAS RELEASED on Jan. 5!”

Another user quote-tweeted the message with a screenshot showing the date Asian Doll sent “Talk My S**t” to them. It showed June 22, 2023. The Houston rapper confirmed in the comments, “SOON AS I RECORED IT.”

At the time of reporting, Kash Doll hasn’t responded to the claims. The “Ready Set” hitmaker made headlines last month after joining OnlyFans. Despite the subscription platform largely being used for salacious content, Kash Doll said she wanted to “change the narrative.”

Her press statement noted, “It gives me true freedom of expression. I’m constantly inspired by my fan base, and having this platform where I can connect with them on a personal level will be a way of giving back to them.”

Her last LP, Back on Dexter: A Gangsta Grillz Mixtape, came out in February 2023. The 11-song offering featured Sada Baby, Icewear Vezzo, Lakeyah, Payroll Giovanni and more.

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