Ashanti Responds to Speculation About Her Having a Boyfriend [Photos]

Ashanti is setting the record straight when it comes to her love life and a lot of you were wrong.

via: Complex

On Friday, the singer shared a photo of her and a man, who many believed was her boyfriend.

However, she later responded to these rumors, stopping the speculation in its tracks by commenting on an Instagram post, “Lmaoooo NO! He’s one of the managers at the restaurant!!! He is NOT my man and we are NOT dating.”

A lot of people have also been quick to point out that the man looks white and judging Ashanti for her taste in men. However, based on Ashanti’s other recent posts, it looks like she’s been in Cancun, Mexico, so the man could very well be Mexican.

The other slides in the same Instagram post-show Ashanti celebrating at a restaurant, which seems to corroborate her story. In one video, she’s partying with friends, and in a second, she shouts out the restaurant, “We had the best time! Taboo Cancun, we love you!” The man from the first photo also appears next to Ashanti in the video.

If you look at the last picture it shows Ashanti taking a picture with the staff, and they are all dressed similarly as the man in the first picture.

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