Ashanti Opens Up About Her Relationship with Nelly: 'He put a couple of scars on me' [Video]

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Nelly and Ashanti dated for 9 years (although they claimed for quite some time that they weren’t together) and we were all shocked when news surfaced that they had split up. In fact, it wasn’t really until they weren’t together that they even admitted that they were.

Ashanti visited Hot 97?s Ebro and Laura Styles for a candid sit-down about her forthcoming album Braveheart — but of course Ebro jumped right in to Ashanti’s personal life and got her to open up a bit.

When asked about Nelly, she said:

“Nelly and I are kind of in the space where, I’m kinda like focusing on my career, he’s focusing on what he’s doing, you know there’s a lot of things that happened this year, you know a lot of things kinda went public more than other things have gone public before, you know what I’m saying? I kinda just…I have to do me. Um, we’re in that space right now and there are things that were said and things that were done, that probably shouldn’t have been said or done, but they have been.”

She went on to talk about a new song on her album called “Scars” and admits it’s a ‘deep’ record about her relationship with Nelly and the emotional (not physical!) scars he left on her and of their relationship. She says:

There’s a a record I have called scars which is a very deep record. He put a couple of scars on me — not physically — we don’t want to put that out there!

(Ebro chimes in ‘but emotionally’) 

We’ve definitely scarred each other, in a sense to say. It’s a deep record and it’s something that I feel I’m revealing very much more than I have on previous records. I’m really, really excited. It takes you on a nice emotional level.

We can’t wait to hear it! Check out the interview below…

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