Artist Unveils Anti-Obama 'Runaway Slave' Painting [Photo]

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Titled “Runaway Slave,” the work depicts conservative figure Rev. C.L. Bryant, the man who recently produced a documentary by the same name on the alleged bondage of black Americans under liberal governments. McNaughton worked with Bryant to produce his new painting, telling CBS Houston that he supports the filmmaker’s sentiments. “My position is that the Democratic Party has brought the demise of Black America,” the artist said.

McNaughton described his controversial painting on his website:

“This painting is a beacon to all Americans, to free yourselves from the government bondage that enslaves your very soul. Be free of the old taskmaster that will offer you all the comforts if you will but do his bidding. Rise up and be great in the sight of God!”

Runaway Slave” is only the latest in a series of conservative tableaus McNaughton created over the past several years. Another work, named “Obamanation,” attacked the Democratic party more directly, showing a painted collage of the president’s many “atrocities.” McNaughton released that painting along with an interactive online version that allowed users to hover over the approximately 60 symbols hidden within the canvas and read the artist’s descriptions of them.

via Huffington Post

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