Armie Hammer Dropped By Agency WME And Personal Publicist Following Cannibalism Scandal

Armie Hammer is losing his agency in the wake of his leaked DM scandal. WME has parted ways with the actor following sexual abuse allegations against him.

via: Daily Beast

Armie Hammer’s talent agency has severed ties with him in the wake of unverified allegations that the actor sent several women disturbing messages about rape fantasies and cannibalism. The Hollywood Reporter reported Hammer getting the boot from WME late Friday.

The move is just the latest setback for the actor after the allegations against him surfaced. He announced his departure from Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming rom-com Shotgun Wedding earlier this month and also stepped aside from Paramount’s The Offer. Several messages purportedly sent from the actor to numerous women surfaced on social media in recent weeks, with the star allegedly talking in graphic detail about BDSM and cannibalism. He has denied the accusations.

One of his exes, Courtney Vucekovich, alleged that Hammer was emotionally manipulative and abusive, described wanting to eat her flesh, and would suck or lick her wounds if she had “a little cut on [her] hand.” Another former girlfriend, Paige Lorenze, claimed that Hammer branded her by carving the letter “A” near her vagina and “shared his desire in smoking and eating her ribs.”

But his attorney denied the allegations, saying that the interactions were “completely consensual in that they were fully discussed, agreed upon, and mutually participatory.”

Talk about a career freefall.

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