Ari Lennox Will No Longer Do Shows That Require Her to Fly [Photo]

Ari Lennox, born Courtney Shanade Salte, is an R&B singer from Washington D.C. She’s known for her distinctive vocals and skillful writing abilities. While fans love her for her top-charting music, they are also fond of her personality. The 31-year-old has a pleasant sense of humor and has used social media to display it countless times.

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Fans outside the United States may have to wait a while or book a flight to see “Pressure” singer Ari Lennox. Over the weekend (June 19), the 31-year-old artist posted an announcement on her Instagram stories sharing that she would no longer be doing shows that require her to travel by plane due to an extreme fear of flying. She added that she’s been dealing with for a while.

The detailed post began, “For my mental health and my sanity l will not be doing any shows that require me to fly. I can not keep torturing myself with this huge fear of mine.” She continued, “It is literally destroying my health. Enough is enough. I’m so sorry to all that are inconvenienced by this. Don’t know what this will mean for my career, but I just can’t do it.”

Lennox added that she was currently on a plane headed to Minneapolis before asking for help. “If there’s any peers or anyone out there who knows of a great hypnotherapist, therapist and or fear of flying solutions I would be so grateful. I want to beat this,” she added.

The Washington D.C. native (born Courtney Shanade Salter) was in Minneapolis as one of the headliners for Planet AFROPUNK Live. According to her website, there are no upcoming shows requiring air travel. Through the end of the year, all performances are in the United States and spaced out enough to travel via tour bus. The late Aretha Franklin was open about her fear of flying as well.

Fans offered encouragement and support with responses like, “Learning Ari Lennox has a fear of flying is so relatable … I can’t imagine having a career that requires you to face your biggest fear almost every day.” Another fan wrote, “My dad has a fear of flying, so I def understand Ari Lennox’s pain from witnessing it through my dad. If he can’t reasonably drive there or take a train then don’t expect him to come.”

We commend her for prioritizing her mental health and hope she finds a solution that works for her.

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