Are Stevie J & Joseline Hernandez Getting Their Own Spinoff Show + Joseline Drops 'La Negra' Music Video


After last Monday’s Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion episode, two things became apparent:

1. Stevie J and Joseline don’t need to be around people the want to harm

2. Without Stevie J and Joseline, there would be no Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.

If you think about it, after Stevie J and Joseline were escorted from the set, the remaining cast spent the ENTIRE hour talking about it– not about themselves or their individual storylines, but about the antics of “Steebie” and “The Puerto Rican Princess”.

With that being said, the next logical step would be to give them their own show. Stevie J hinted earlier today that their own spinoff is already in the works.

“Coming Soon!!! #StevieandJoselineShow,” tweeted Stevie.

Love them or hate them, but Joseline & Stevie are still crazy enough on their own to stay entertaining without having to fight other people.

We’ll see what happens….

In other news, Joseline dropped a video for a new song, “La Negra” a few weeks ago that slipped under our radar. Say what you want about Ms. Joseline’s career, but at least she’s putting out new material — unlike some of her fellow LHHATL cast members.

Get into it below!

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