Angela Bassett and Dr. Barbara Strum Launch 'Darker Skin Tones' Skincare Line


Angela Bassett has teamed with Dr. Barbara Sturm on skin-care line that caters to people with darker complexions.

The line is called “Darker Skin Tones by Dr. Barbara Sturm,” and is set to launch in July. Each product contains ingredients that aim to help the skin, reduce inflammations, even the tone and minimize pores and hyper-pigmentation.

Angela originally met Dr. Sturm through a mutual friend a few years ago and they discussed her experiences with breakouts and inflammation. After finding success with Dr. Sturm’s original line, Angela and Dr. Sturm got the idea to do a spin-off that focused on darker skin tones. It took two years of research to create a line of products that would address issues including inflammation, hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

via WWD:

“Our main ingredient which goes through our whole line is purslane,” Sturm told WWD. “It’s also an herb, and it has such powerful properties in every direction. But what I like the most is actually is the youth enzyme, this telomerase activator. The telomerase activates an enzyme to keep those ends of the chromosomes long, which actually works against natural programmed cell death and that’s the key. So not only do we have anti-inflammation and the evening out of skin tone but also a big thing for antiaging.”

Bassett said she wants people to become more aware of their skin. “And to see what is good for it and ingredients that are helpful — and not invasive or irritating. I like them to be pleased when they look in the mirror, to feel good about themselves and the condition of their complexion.”

Bassett gave the product to her assistant and nanny. “She’s been with me for a long time so I’ve been aware of the hyper-pigmentation,” Basset said.

“It’s not as if I would see bad acne. I wouldn’t characterize her as having acne, but over a course of years there were always these spots that would never lighten. There is a difference between brown and black, and in the end it would never lighten. She does not use sunscreen to my knowledge. And even when I think about this, in the park with the kids in the sun, the dark spots get darker as the skin gets darker. You don’t have the opportunity to lighten and normalize or catch up.”

Sturm said she was always was interested in inflammation. “It is, to me, the key factor to causing any skin problems or any problems in our body, but also it is mainly responsible for aging. So I was always very interested in anti-inflammation. Since African-American, or skin of color, problems [revolve] mainly [around] inflammation that is why I especially took care in this range. It has real ingredients, which are scientifically shown to address inflammation.”

Bassett and Sturm noted that developing a range for teens is on the horizon. “I think the underlining problem starts with the teenage years,” said Sturm. “We have to find something just a little more affordable and start at an early age and give them something that they don’t even have to deal with the symptoms in later age.”

The five-item ‘Darker Skin Tones’ range includes a 150-ml. foam cleanser; a 75-gram enzyme cleanser; a 50-ml. face cream; a 50-ml. face cream rich, and a 30-ml. hyaluronic serum. It is priced from $58 for a cleanser to $335 for a hyaluronic serum.

It will be sold exclusively at Harrods in-store and online in July.

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