Andrew Tate and Brother Tristan Arrested in Human Trafficking Probe After Pizza Box Revealed His Location to Romanian Authorities

Andrew Tate has been arrested for human trafficking,

via EuroWeekly:

Judicial sources informed the outlet that the two British brothers have been under investigation since the spring for the alleged kidnapping of two young women in their villa in the town of Voluntari, in Muntenia.

They are also suspected of forming an organised criminal group and rape, and the two have been picked up and taken to hearings at DIICOT, according to the cited sources.

Romanian prosecutors allegedly suspect the creation of an organised criminal group with the explicit aim of recruiting and exploiting girls for the creation of pornographic clips. These would be intended for distribution for a fee on profile sites, especially OnlyFans they claimed.

Andrew and Tristan are accused of obtaining large sums of money with which they bought houses, luxury cars, and cryptocurrencies. The case against them started back in April when DIICOT investigated the case of a young American woman seized in Voluntari by the two British citizens.

Let’s make this clear — Elon Musk allowed the misogynistic, hateful Andrew Tate back on Twitter.

His whereabouts have been unknown, but he’s been wanted for human trafficking for quite some time.

Greta Thunberg managed to get under Andrew’s skin so badly, that he made a response video and shared it via his newly-reinstated Twitter account — inadvertently tipping authorities off to his location. The pizza chain featured in the video gave it away.

The video allowed Romanian authorities to confirm he was in the country and arrest him.

That’s what he gets.

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