Amerie Unveils New Children’s Book ‘You Will Do Great Things’ [Video] |

Amerie Unveils New Children’s Book ‘You Will Do Great Things’ [Video]

Grammy-nominated singer and bestselling author Amerie has announced her debut picture book, You Will Do Great Things.

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‘You Will Do Great Things,’ will debut on March 28, 2023. The picture book will be published through Macmillan Children’s/Roaring Brook Press.

According to Rated R&B, You Will Do Great Things follows a young boy whose “imagination takes off as he gazes at family photos, whisking him off on a fantastical journey. Along the way, the boy tries exciting and bold new things, ventures into unexplored worlds, and forms deep connections with his multicultural heritage and the ancestors who imbue him with the strength and courage to make a difference.”

“You Will Do Great Things is about the hopes and dreams we hold for our children, about the love and power they carry within them that is passed through generations, as well as the idea that, whether they be on large or small scales, children can and will accomplish great things,” expressed Amerie, who is also the founder of her own book club.

The book’s imager is illustrated by Raissa Figueroa. In the caption of an Instagram post shared on Aug. 9, Amerie pointed out how Figueroa’s “breathtakingly rich, poignant works of art” brings to life what she ultimately wanted to convey—”the very strong, very universal thing every parent who loves their child feels: that we will be forever by their side, cheering them on.”

As Amerie has already served as editor for the 2017 best-selling book Because You Love To Hate Me, she has also contributed to the upcoming novel Cool. Awkward. Black, a multi-genre young adult fiction anthology that explores the idea of being a “geek.” The book also offers a collective of feature stories from other Black authors, including Kalynn Bayron, Terry J. Benton-Walker, Roseanne A. Brown, Elise Bryant, and more. Cool. Awkward. Black. is scheduled to release on Jan. 10, 2023 via Viking Books for Young Readers.

Although she has been mum about the possibility of new music, her debut 2002 album All I Have just celebrated its 20th anniversary on July 30. Take a look at Amerie announcing her new children’s book You Will Do Great Things below, and check out her surprise cameo in Fabolous’s new music video, “1 Thing Freestyle.”

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