Amber Rose Launches a New App, Wants to Help Pay for Fans' Rent, Tuition, and Business Endeavors [Video]

Amber Rose is on a mission to give back.

The model-turned-entrepreneur has launched a brand-new app aimed at empowering women and helping them achieve their goals.

via Page Six:

“I wanted it to be very personal so it’s going to be full of content you can’t find on any of my other platforms,” Rose said in a news release. “I also know how amazing my fans are, so this gives me the opportunity to show them I see and hear them. I want to give back and build a tight-knit community in which they can all feel empowered to be themselves with the support of other members of the amazing Amber Rose community.”

Rose said she will also use the app to fuel fans’ business endeavors, pay for people’s rent and assist with tuition costs — with money out of her own pocket.

“Amber will be funding these projects on her own as she wants to support the individuals who have been supporting her along the way,” the rep told us.

The app, made by Escapex, is using special technology to identify Rose’s biggest fans, which will help determine who will receive her contributions.

As one of her first projects, Rose will treat three of her biggest fans to fly to and attend her October SlutWalk in Downtown Los Angeles.

Check out Amber’s announcement video below.

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