Amber Rose Explains Why She Defended Kim Kardashian Even Though She Still 'Doesn't Like' Kanye West: 'I'm a Feminist Every Single Day of My Life' [Video]

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Amber Rose sat down with Complex during the SXSW launch of her new digital character “Muva” in partnership with Zoobe and elaborated on why she chose to defend ex-rival Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie.

On why she felt the need to speak out in the first place:

I feel that people make a big deal out of it because it’s me and Kim, but I really would’ve did it for anybody. I’m not just a feminist when someone is super famous, I’m a feminist every single day of my life. That’s my passion, that’s what I do. I thought it was fucked up and I felt like I needed to say something regardless of our past. The fact that I dated her husband five years ago, six years ago — which is so irrelevant right now.  But it really does not matter. You just have to do what’s right. And I did.

On why she defended Kim despite her negative history with Kanye West:

Kim is her own person. They’re not one person together. She’s her own being. I forgave him for an apology that I never received because I’m a bigger person and I let shit go — to move on with my life and to be a positive person. I never received an apology for him for his 30 showers comment. For him to come out even further and talk about my son and say that, you know, Wiz got trapped by a stripper and you know all this negative shit…it was really unfortunate because  — I already forgave you for something that you never even apologized for — and then you come with that. You don’t ever ever talk about somebody’s baby. So, I feel like he knew that he was wrong. I still don’t like him as a person, I probably never will, but you know it’s really irrelevant because me and him we absolutely have no relationship and it just doesn’t even matter.

As far as Kim goes, I met her. I think she’s a wonderful person. I think she’s a great mom. And that has nothing to do with her husband.

Watch the interview below.

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