Amber Rose CLAPS BACK at Fans Who Say Her 3-Year-Old Son Is Gay for Wearing a Wig: 'You Ignorant F*cks' [Video]

Amber Rose Son Sebastian

Do NOT come for Amber Rose’s 3-year-old son Sebastian, because mama Amber will come for you!

As you may or may not have seen, Amber Rose has been having fun switching up her hairstyle lately with a few different wigs. One way or another, Sebastian ended up putting it on his head — like most kids would — and Amber shared the moment on Instagram.

Shortly after, people flooded her comments section calling Sebastian ‘gay’ and questioning Amber’s parenting skills.

She wasn’t having it. Amber took to Snapchat to clap back.

“So…I posted a picture of Sebastian playing with my wig earlier and all the comments are saying that my son is gay,” she said. “He’s 3. So everyone that’s commenting, do me a favor, go put a wig on your boyfriend, or your daddy, or your baby’s father, and then see if they turn gay. Then let me know. Oh, they didn’t turn gay? Wow! I’m so confused because I could’ve sworn you just said wigs make men gay? I don’t know. So, how about all you ignorant f*cks read a book and realize that your sexual orientation has nothing to do with the way you dress?”

You tell ’em, Amber!

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