Amara La Negra Says She & Safaree Are Not Dating, Hints At Publicity Stunt [Video]

Amara La Negra has commented on the nature of her and Safaree Samuels’ relationship amid romance rumors.

via: HotNewHipHop

La Negra and Safaree sparked relationship rumors earlier this year thanks to some lewd videos and beef with his ex Erica Mena. However, during a recent Instagram Live session, Amara explained that neither she nor Safaree ever made this public. As such, it’s all been just rumors up until this point. Considering how close they were, it seems like a stretch, but the “Love & Hip Hop” star explained that she’s just doing her job and netting a lot of ratings and conversation in the process. In other words, she knew exactly what she was doing.

“Safaree never said y’alls was in a relationship, either,” Amara La Negra responded to a fan during her live session. “I’ve been single since the father of my kids, and I haven’t had sex since the father of my kids. Mama, mira, listen. Mira, mama. [Look, girl]. Let me put it this way. I’m a pretty smart girl, I believe that I am. I’ve come this far because I think I’m pretty smart. I get hired to do my job and I do what I have to do, I do it well. We have good ratings, and with that being said, I have accomplished my mission. Now, after that, you want to believe whatever it is you want to believe, that’s on you. You understand?

“Like I said before, I’ve been single since the father of my kids, I haven’t had sex since the father of my kids, and I continue to do my job,” Amara La Negra continued. “As long as you give us those ratings, I’ma give you what you want. So, if that’s what you want, then that’s what you see. Yass, period. If you don’t get it after that, there’s nothing else that I can tell you mami, okay?

“Let me tell you something,” she concluded. “My first season of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ was the best season of my life. I had an amazing producer, Marie Carmen Lopez. She really embraced and showcased who I really was, what my purpose was. Second season came, we somewhat did that ‘ehh.’ And then third and fourth, and now on the fifth, I mean, I’m just going with the flow. Whatever that means, if you’re smart enough, you understand. All I’m saying is that I’ve been single since the father of my kids, but let’s just go with it.

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