Alfonso Ribeiro Says Daughter, 4, Faces Long Recovery After Doctor Scalpeled Skin Following Accident

Alfonso Ribeiro is sharing new details about his daughter’s recent scooter accident.

via: Page Six

The “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” alum’s daughter Ava suffered an accident on her scooter the day before her birthday and needed emergency surgery.

“On Thursday, unfortunately, my daughter got injured and had to have emergency surgery,” Ribeiro said on “Live! With Kelly and Mark.”

“So it was a very stressful weekend. She fell and had basically road rash on her face and arm, and so they had to scalpel off all the skin.”

Ribeiro, 51, said Ava’s recovery is going to be a “long process” when asked by Consuelos, 52, about what lies ahead.

Eerily enough, the “Dancing With the Stars” co-host said that his wife, Angela, predicted the family would suffer an emergency.

“The hard part of it is that my wife really listens to her intuitions,” he told the morning show co-hosts.

“And she actually on Thursday bought everyone into the kitchen and told everyone, ‘I have a feeling my daughter is going to the ER this week. Do not let her do anything that she can get hurt doing.’”

Ribeiro admitted that no one “listened to” his wife’s premonition and Ava rode her sit-down scooter while the nanny scurried to get her protective pads.

“How long has your wife been a psychic?” asked Ripa, to which Ribeiro responded, “Unfortunately, most of her life. She very rarely gets things wrong and sees things coming.”

He added, “You don’t always listen to that feeling, and I think that all mothers have that beautiful intuition.”

The “America’s Funniest Home Videos” host shared the news of his daughter’s accident last Friday and included a graphic photo of her injuries.

“Not the kind of day you want the day before turning 4. Just want to give a heartfelt thank you to @kareskinmd for the emergency service and procedure to help lessen the likelihood of scaring,” Ribeiro captioned the photo.

“So proud of how brave my baby girl was during the surgery.”

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