Akon Shares The Secret To 'Staying Rich' & Recalls Failed Private Jet Purchase [Video]

Akon has shared his secret to staying rich.

via: HipHopDX

The music mogul was a guest on a new episode of Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast that premiered on Tuesday (September 5), and discussed his keys to keeping his economic status up. And one way he stays stingy is – unlike many of his peers – not owning a private jet.

“Listen, you want to stay rich? Stay stingy,” Akon said. “I’m the stingiest muthafucka on the planet. Any person of my caliber is not flying commercial. These dudes is flying jets all day. I attempted to own a jet. That shit lasted six months. I sold that muthafucka so fast. You have no idea [at upkeep costs]. I promise you.

He continued: “Buy some hours and use it only when necessary. And most of the time, use it as a way of negotiation. Let that be a part of your strategy to the money. But whatever you do, do not own a jet. Bro, owning a jet is spending at least $2-3million a year just on upkeep. You spend more on the maintenance than the actual jet costs.”

Watch the full episode below.

Another way Akon apparently stays wealthy is not spending his money on real designer clothing. Back in August, the “Locked Up” singer was roasted for seemingly wearing a fake Dior outfit while on Drink Champs– which he later confirmed to be true when asked by French Montana.

The Moroccan-born rapper posted a video on Instagram of him hanging out with the “Locked Up” hitmaker, in which he inquired about the hysterical fashion blunder.

“Yo Akon, man. N-ggas wanna know, where did you get that Drio from?” French jokingly asked.

“The Drio came from one of my Africans,” Akon replied confidently. “I’m always supporting my Africans. We go hard for each other. I knew that shit was gon’ raise engagement. It only take one person to notice, and it’s gon’ go crazy on the internet and it did exactly what we wanted it to do.”

Akon later decided to take to the comments section to double down on his questionable black and white ensemble.

“[crying laughing emojis] Promised my Africans I was going to represent for them with that DRIO [crying laughing emojis],” he wrote. “Kept my word. Shouts to lil Senegal in Harlem. Walla Bok!!!!!”

In the caption of the post, French expressed that he was doing a civic duty on behalf of fans around the globe.


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