It Ain't Over: Yolanda Adams, Chaka Khan and Questlove Speak Out Against Kim Burrell's Hateful Anti-Gay Sermon [Photos]

Yolanda Adams, Chaka Khan, and Questlove have each turned to social media to speak out against Kim Burrell’s hateful anti-gay sermon from the other night.

In a message shared via Instagram, Yolanda spoke out in defense of Bishop Eddie Long — who Kim Burrell threw under the bus in her sermon.

Yolanda writes:

“As a Person who has Gay Relatives and Friends, I had to put these Words in the Atmosphere to combat the unwarranted and unproven attack on My Friend #BishopLong.
Hateful Words are never profitable to the Cause of Christ in the World. Jesus said “They will know you by your Love.” LOVE YALL”

Chaka Khan took to Twitter to encourage love instead of judgment.

Meanwhile, Questlove went on a rant encouraging Christians to be more ‘Christlike.’

Did you see what Pharrell Williams had to say about it? Kim’s 2016 sure is going out with a bang…

Update: Octavia Spencer added her commentary also.

I agree. We are all God's children equal in his eyes. Hatred isn't the answer. Intolerance isn't the answer.

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