It Ain't Over! Richard Pryor's Daughter Is NOT Happy with Quincy Jones for Spilling Her Dad's Sexual Tea + Blasts the Black Community for Believing It


Rain Pryor, daughter of the late Richard Pryor, is NOT happy with the Black community for believing Quincy Jones’ revelation that her dad had sexual relations with actor Marlon Brando.

She’s also upset at Quincy Jones for starting what she says is a rumor and even more upset at her dad’s widow for backing it up. Rain does accept, however, her dad’s own account of having had a relationship with a transwoman.

In an angry Facebook rant, Rain says the fact people believe Quincy so easily is in part why Donald Trump is in office.

Take a look:

No shade, but how exactly would she know what went down in her father’s (or Marlon Brando’s) bedroom?

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